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Volker Rath
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Since 1987 projects have been planned and implemented in the professional audio sector. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, activities were expanded to new countries. International customers opened among others subsidiaries in Prague, Warsaw, Budapest and Riga.
Since 2002 the focus has been on worldwide, humanitarian projects in crisis regions, especially for Cap Anamur e. V. / German Emergency Doctors from Cologne.

The long experience in this field offers a precise assessment of the respective situation during planning and under aspects of necessity, feasibility, risks, logistical challenges, time schedule, administrative hurdles, dangers, politics and budget in order to ensure the greatest possible safety for employees and to get investment security.
The customers are presented with complete senior consultant concepts in German, English or French to achieve the success of the respective project. All actions are planned and carried out transparently in accordance with the humanitarian code of conduct, gender equality and under full cost control.

Main projects summary...

    2002 Afghanistan, Hogdaghar Humanitarian Aid
    2003 Afghanistan, Hazarbagh Humanitarian Aid
    2004 Indonesia, Sumatra, Banda Aceh Emergency Aid
    2005 Ivory Coast, Duekoué Humanitarian Aid
    2006 Ivory Coast, Boundiali Humanitarian Aid
    2007 Democratic Republic Congo, Goma Emergency Aid
    2008 Ivory Coast, Modeste Hotel Construction
    2009 Pakistan, Rajanpur Emergency Aid
    2010 Ivory Coast, Abidjan Emergency Aid
    2011 Ivory Coast, Grand Bassam Orphanage Construction
    2012 Somalia, Mogadishu Emergency Aid
    2013 Philippines, Dong Island Emergency Aid
    2014 Central African Republic, Bossembélé Emergency Aid
    2015 Uganda, Lwala Humanitarian Aid
    2016 Lebanon, Tyros Humanitarian Aid
    2017 Uganda, Moyo Emergency Aid
    2018 Somaliland, Caynabo Humanitarian Aid
    2019 Lebanon, Saida Humanitarian Aid
    2020 South Lebanon Covid 19 Response
    2021 Guinea Physio Therapy Workshop Planning
    2022 Pakistan Emergency Response
    2023 Ukraine Emergency Response

...to be continued.